Membership TypeDescriptionPrice
Basic Membership Single payment for annual membership.$221 per year*
Basic Membership, Auto-PayMonthly payments for annual membership.$21 per month*
Spouse Membership (may be used by significant other at the same address)Annual membership when the other spouse is already a member.$55 per year*
Junior Membership Annual membership for a 12–17 year-old son or daughter of an existing member.$10 per year*
One-Time Initiation FeePayable by ALL new members upon joining. Add to your preferred membership type.*$15 once
Active Duty Military: Dues shall be waived for any member in good standing entering on full active duty with the United States Armed Forces, other than annual training periods. Contact [email protected] if you believe you qualify.
After joining, members have the option to volunteer for work hours when their help is needed. In exchange they earn $10 off of their basic dues renewal for every hour they work, up to a maximum of $100 per year.