How late is your indoor range open?

RCRPC’s indoor range in Janesville is open around the clock, unless there are scheduled league events or maintenance. Always check our calendar.


When can I shoot at the Milton Range?

Shooting may begin at 8:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. Shooting must stop 30 minutes before sunset to collect gear, clean up the range, and return to your vehicle. In keeping with our Conditional Use Permit, members may use the range only in the pesence of trained safety officers, so always check the calendar to see if safety officers are scheduled.


What constitutes a “trained safety officer”?

RCRPC schedules volunteer Range Safety Officers (RSO), trained to NRA standards, for general shooting at the Milton Range, which explains the need to check the calendar. We recently developed a training program for Solo-shooter Safety Officers (SSO) which includes similar safety training to RSOs, but does not include supervision of others. Completion of SSO training allows members to use the range on their own, without an RSO, but does not allow them to bring guests when they do.


Are you open to the publc?

Both our Janesville Range and Milton Range are open for use by members and their guests only.


Do you sell ammunition or rent firearms?

No, we sell only targets as a convenience for our members.