2024 Milton Range Tactical Days

New this year: one, two, or three-gun events!!!!

This event runs May through September.

You asked for it! We heard the demands! New this season, tactical days at the Milton Range action bay will give our shooters the option to run the course with pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Last year, with the purchase of steel interactive targets, we were able to provide shooters with a rifle and pistol option. This year, we are providing the 3-gun option. The choice is yours! Keep your focus on your carry gun, test your skills on two firearms, or upgrade your tactical skills with a 3-gun course run!


To further enhance the overall experience, brand new upgraded targets and barriers have been constructed by members of our awesome tactical team. A course will be designed that allows the shooter to stand, kneel, and advance when participating. This event is heavily supervised, as a range safety officer will be in-tow with the shooter and only one shooter is authorized to run the course each time. Only target ammunition is allowed. No buckshot or slugs. Armor piercing, incendiary rounds, and binary triggers are not authorized. Only controlled rapid fire allowed. This is not a club competition or timed event. Speed is not the objective. Safely completing the course tactically is our goal. Keep your eye on the club calendar and promotional emails for dates and times.

Above and left: A shooter versus the Trigger Interactive system. Orange flag up – shoot. Flag down – don’t shoot.


The cost is $15.00 per course run! This event is open to members and the public. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors and experience an event no other club is promoting in the area!

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries. See you at the range!

Keith Yates

RCRPC Range Administrator

Training/Tactical Coordinator



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